We present our Paintball field in Vilada, Berguedà (province of Barcelona)

Our field of Paintball
, in the woods, is formed by different levels of land, that is, the area of ​​the field begins to touch the Baells reservoir , and 5 esplanades above another one climb we reach the other end of the field where we find a fortress, which serves one of the many games we make.


The Paintball Barcelona field in Vilada is about 200m wide (where at each end there is a base, which is where the games start) for about 75m in height. Inside, we can find many hiding places, since the roads are covered by pallets, trenches, tires and other strategic areas. It also has a neutral zone, where the members of eliminated teams meet to comment on the game, before starting the next.

Equipment of the Zone


Welcome space

Parking area Monitors

Dressing rooms

Hot showers Bar service

In the case of hiring the Full Lunch Pack in the Vilada field, you can enjoy a wonderful lunch at the Cal Candi resaturator, where we reserve your table at the time you choose.